An update.

Hey friends. All two of that actually read my blog. Sorry for the lack of posts these past couple months. It has been pretty busy as of late, and when I actually find the time to post something, I decide to sleep...or study. But mostly sleep. What's new in my life, you ask? Well, that's an excellent question. Not much, really. Just school and life and dating. Yeah! Dating. Went out with this fabulous guy about four times recently. He's really great. Makes me smile and I know I can always be myself around him. Which is like a million bonus points in my book. I won't post the name just yet... ;) Yes, I'm going divulge my secret a bit here. I met him at tumbling club and then that night he asked me out. We went to the sweethearts institute dance that Friday, which was absolutely the most funnest date I have ever been on. Then we went out that Tuesday, and then again on that Friday. He hasn't kissed me yet...oh wait, I take that back. He kissed me on the cheek on our second date; Holy cow that was the cutest thing that ever happened. Yes, we've had some interdigitation (haha hand holding), and its just been really great! Going out again this Friday, and by george, if he doesn't kiss me, I will lay on him! Hahaha maybe...If I gather enough courage to do so. So yeah, that's what has been happening in my love life these days. Its really quite great!
In other news, School is going really well. I'm enjoying all my classes and everything seems to be going just fine for now. I get to be an EFY counsleor this summer! Woohoo, I passed my interview and everything! I'm so flippin stoked for it! Can't wait to be out there with the kids, having the best summer ever! Here's hoping that this summer will be better than the last :)
Well. That's pretty much all for now. IF anything significant happens, I will be sure to update you all. Not that you care. Loves!

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  1. AAAAAHHH! im so excited for you! this is GREAT! i want to hear more