An update.

Hey friends. All two of that actually read my blog. Sorry for the lack of posts these past couple months. It has been pretty busy as of late, and when I actually find the time to post something, I decide to sleep...or study. But mostly sleep. What's new in my life, you ask? Well, that's an excellent question. Not much, really. Just school and life and dating. Yeah! Dating. Went out with this fabulous guy about four times recently. He's really great. Makes me smile and I know I can always be myself around him. Which is like a million bonus points in my book. I won't post the name just yet... ;) Yes, I'm going divulge my secret a bit here. I met him at tumbling club and then that night he asked me out. We went to the sweethearts institute dance that Friday, which was absolutely the most funnest date I have ever been on. Then we went out that Tuesday, and then again on that Friday. He hasn't kissed me yet...oh wait, I take that back. He kissed me on the cheek on our second date; Holy cow that was the cutest thing that ever happened. Yes, we've had some interdigitation (haha hand holding), and its just been really great! Going out again this Friday, and by george, if he doesn't kiss me, I will lay on him! Hahaha maybe...If I gather enough courage to do so. So yeah, that's what has been happening in my love life these days. Its really quite great!
In other news, School is going really well. I'm enjoying all my classes and everything seems to be going just fine for now. I get to be an EFY counsleor this summer! Woohoo, I passed my interview and everything! I'm so flippin stoked for it! Can't wait to be out there with the kids, having the best summer ever! Here's hoping that this summer will be better than the last :)
Well. That's pretty much all for now. IF anything significant happens, I will be sure to update you all. Not that you care. Loves!


Lofty Goals

Yo. So I've decided that this year will be the year for trying new things. Yes, that's right NEW things. For instance, this summer I HOPE to be an EFY counselor. That's all good and fine unless I actually get through the interview without freaking out. No, I know I can do it. Hopefully they will like me enough to hire me.... Another new thing or GOAL is finishing in a triathalon. I know I won't be able to place, because I've never actually ran a race in my life time, but I'm sticking with finishing. I've already started running (yes, its only January 5th, but I gotta get motivated enough...). I also want to learn how to be a better snowboarder/skiier. Yes, I know that's not something NEW but it's something relatively new, since I've only been once. And lastly, moving out would be fantastic. I've moved out before, but that was a long time ago and I want to move out...for good. No more moving back home. So there you have it. I guess this list isn't really NEW things but they are some pretty lofty goals that I hope will actually happen this year. I'm gonna do it! :)


An Update.

Well. Its officially 2011. I can actually say that I am excited for this year to begin and bring on new adventures. But first, I must update you on the past couple of weeks. Let me tell you, I've had quite a few adventures to share. Lets start with the blind date that did not go so well. Well, it did go all right, but my blind date was... a little awkward. I will not give the name, for fear that he may find me in the blogging world. Thank goodness he hasn't added me as a friend on facebook. Poor soul. Anyway. Let me begin.
He picked me up and was ridiculously early; I had just gotten home from work and had just finished doing my hair. So he had to wait a few minutes. No big deal. But I hate people waiting for me so I had to hurry the makeup process and you girls all know that if you hurry something that takes time, it just doesn't feel right. But whatever. Its all good. Anyway, Its the night of the really big storm, December 28, I think it was. So getting to the rest of the party waiting for us at Thanksgiving Point took over an hour. On the car ride up he seemed relatively normal. A few little quirky remarks here and there, so that was OK. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable around him and then bam. The unthinkable happens. We're just about to delve into our food at the Deli at Thanksgiving Point and he wants to say a prayer over the food. We're in public! With a ton of people around! Hahaha me and my friend Bailey just look at each other and close our eyes in lack of a witty response. Ben says the prayer and my date is happy. Yeah. I'm all for praying, but that normally happens in the privacy of my own home...or in my heart, if you will. And then you can only imagine how the rest of the date went. Super awkward. And to make matters worse, Ben gets into an accident because the roads are icy and you can barely see like ten feet in front of us. That for sure was the weirdest date I have ever been on. But I did have fun...

Next exciting adventure. New Years Eve. Best ever. Me, Bailey, and Jocelyn, and also Ben, had a blast. I'll just give you a little taste of what we did.... First, Virgin Pina Coladas at the bar, second, took Ben to a random party thrown by a bunch of BYU students. Stayed there for like five minutes and refused to play a "party game." Who knows what that was about. Third, got our party on at Sp^rk lounge and rang in the New Year. Fourth, Picked Ben back up and went to Denny's. Fifth, went to Pirate Island for like five minutes and was given the stank eye by a bunch of Latinos. We were apparently not welcome on the dance floor because as soon as we walked in, they all sat down. That was our cue to leave. By then it was 3:00 in the morning. I'd say it was a successful night for sure! My blog can probably not give our night justice because we really had one of the best nights in a really long time. Here's hoping that 2011 will be fantastic. Peace out monkeys :0)


Car Troubles.

Welp. December has been the month for car troubles. I had my car towed at Jocelyn's apartment (there's a post below that explains it, if you want to know...) and then monday the battery in my car died. Big, major bummer. Well, I guess its partly my fault because I left my lights on all day while I was at work. But still. I'm just having some bad luck this month. And then when my padre came to jump it, it was completely dead; no juice left in that poor baby. So, old blueie (my car) was stuck at the mall for a few days till we could get it revived.

In other news, Christmas was really fabulous. Everyone in our family got each other something, which was pretty fun. Usually we just pull names from a hat, but I like it better this way. My dad is a hard-core Star-Trek fan. I bought him this shirt that said "Starfleet Academy" on it...yeah, he adored it. I'm not sure what motivates him to love that show so much. Whatever. To each his own. My sister is also has a fetish with Zumba. I don't know if you've heard about it, but its this new work-out dance thing. She goes to a class literally everyday and sometimes even twice. So, to facilitate her obsession, I bought her some zumba work out clothes. Anyway, that's just a taste of what my family is like. I won't go through everything I bought because that would just be really boring.

Also, tonight I have a blind date. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Usually I like to know the person before I go out with him, but this time its purely a blind date. And he's coming to pick me up! I guess maybe I feel a little bit nervous, I don't know. Just gotta play it cool. I will definitely be posting something after so stay tuned for the detatils. :) Peace out, girl scout.


Its 8:30 am, on Wednesday, December 22, 2010. I'm at work right now, sitting in the store watching people walk the mall. What inspires someone to wake up so early and go to the mall to work out? It amazes me what people do sometimes. I arrived here around 7:45 and there were already people walking around. Two ladies just walked past with hand weights...speed walking like there's no tomorrow. Have they not heard about a gym or rec center? Or the outdoors?

My first day, I had some crazy customers. One guy decided to relay his entire childhood to me...I only asked if he needed some help. Maybe he thought I would help him with his emotional problems, I'm not really sure. But apparently he won't be getting a lot for Christmas this year because his mother remarried and he now has three younger brothers and sisters that he's not crazy about. Dude, you're 23. You could buy your own Christmas if you wanted to.

I haven't told you what I do yet, have I? I work for Sheepskin Gifts and Pillow Pets in the Mall. It is pretty fun, I have to tell you. Anyway, one guy came into Sheepskin and asked if we make Sheepskin pants and vests. Have you ever seen someone wearing something like that? Yeah, didn't think so. But to each his own. By the way, we don't make that sort of thing in case you were wondering.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Its a slow day. Well, its only almost 9:00 now, so the rest of the city will be at the mall soon. Until next time...Peace out.


The Masquerade that never happened...

Oh man alive. This night has been one of the most unsuccessful nights ever. Let me begin from the beginning.
My good friend Jocelyn and I were supposed to go to a masquerade ball with our other friend, Danielle. She bailed on us, so two became the loneliest number. After going to Walmart to get supplies for our lovely masks, we begin the process of getting ready for our fabulous evening. However, one small problem. Jocelyn's dress didn't fit. We tried several ways to zip that bad baby up, but I think we just needed another set of hands for this job. It wasn't like the dress was too small, it was just a stiff zipper. Masquerade Ball: unsuccessful.
So, we decided to put our normal clothes back on and head to a dollar movie. This brings me to my second small problem. We head out to the parking lot to put stuff in my car, and lo and behold, my car is missing! I about peed my pants! When I had arrived at Jocelyn's apartment, I was certain that I had parked in the Visitor's parking lot. The Sign in front of me indicated so. But apparently I was parked on the opposite side of the sign, rather than where the arrows were pointing. Therefore, my car was TOWED. Jocelyn and I spent about fifteen minutes running around the parking lot, chasing the tow men (who were really inconsiderate and horrible towards us) so that we could go find my car and pay the fine. Oh that just really ticks me off. I'm still steaming about it! Movie night: definitely unsuccessful.
So the third option of the evening involved ice cream. Nothing solves a problem like ice cream right? Agreed. We arrive at cold stone, it is now 10:30 at night. The guy that helped me pick out ice cream was definitely attractive and just had an adorable smile. He recommended the best ice cream ever: dark chocolate pepermint with oreos. Fabulous! Oh and his blue eyes...yeah, that just melted my heart a little. My night was slowly looking up ha. We ate our ice cream...and then Jocelyn decides to try and get the number of the guy that helped her...No such luck. Why? Becuase he was fifteen! Ha ha ha She totally hit on a minor! But to justify it, he looked older, alright? Awkward! Hopefully, the guy that helped me was a little bit older. Yikes. I'm not even going to think about that one.  Ice cream: semi-successful.
There you have it! The night that we were to dance our hearts away turned into a horse of a different color!  But I had fun. Usually when Jocelyn and I try to hang out, our plans are foiled. So we can just call this a usual night for us...

Travel the world.

I decided that I want to travel! Travel the world and see everything! See the Louvre in France, Big Ben in London and Picadilly Circus, the rich culture in Spain, discover the Pantheon and the Vatican Museum, and finally eat the most authentic asian food in Thailand, Taiwan, and China. I sound like a walking advertisement for a travel agency... But I just want to travel! I want to see the world and everything about it. I've been to Mexico, which was unbelievable. Not the "tourist" part of Mexico, but the real deal. My brother served his mission there and we were blessed to be able to meet some of the people he taught. It was eye-opening to see the way the people lived and how generous they are with what little they own. But anyway, my goal (by the time I die) is to visit two of the places on my list. It would be fantastic if I could go to all of them, but a girl can only dream, right?
Don't get me wrong, I love living in Utah. Its a fantastic place to raise a family. But one day when my family is all grown up, I want to go explore, live, and learn in new places. Plus, I really want to eat some authentic food. Italian and Chinese... man, I would LOVE to eat something that actually is the real deal. No more of this American crap ha ha. Oh, if only money weren't an obstacle. Maybe I'll marry someone rich...yeah, probably won't happen. Dream on!